Hydraulic system components

Fluid Power Motion and Control


Fluid power components


Our past experience and leadership in the sales of fluid power components gained us the opportunity to have distributorship of a number of the world’s leading fluid power components, accessories and other relates products.  Our warehouse facility is built to handle a large amount of inventory for hydraulic and pneumatic components, thereby, enabling us to meet and serve each of our client’s immediate needs.


Manufacturing Capabilities

Our factory employs experienced production personnel and is equipped with high quality production machinery including CNC Machine.  With our dedication for continuous quality system improvement as well as research and development, we are able to produce export quality hydraulic cylinders, valve manifold blocks, 50 to 3,000 liter capacity hydraulic power unints, as well agricultural, construction and industrial machinery.


Engineering Services

Sales and Technical Support

Our well-trained and experienced sales engineers and technical support staff can provide system design in accordance to our client’s specifications and requirements.  They communicate directly with each customer to understand their ideas and determine how these ideas can be supported.  We also give top priority to after-sales service both in-house and site.


Technical Training

With our training facilities and engineering expertise, TAEC is capable of providing variety of training courses from basic hydraulic to the most complicated electro-hydraulic system.  Such training can be provided either in our in-house training facility or at any convenient location upon our client’s request.  Training courses includes;

  • Basic Hydraulics
  • Advance Hydraulic and Electro-hydraulics
  • Product Training and Familiarization
  • System Design
  • Logical Troubleshooting


Pro-active Maintenance

In relation to our strong commitment for quality systems, we offer Pro-Active Maintenance both for equipment that we manufacture and for our clients’ existing equipment.  Such service is provided to increase the efficiency and life of hydraulic components and to minimize equipment downtime.  A service contract can be provided to check working performance of customers’ equipment, which includes the following;

  • Troubleshooting and repair
  • Hydraulic System Flushing
  • Hydraulic System Modification
  • Fluid Contamination Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Service
  • Hot-line Service



Hydraulic Profiles


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