Thai-A Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic



“We Commit Healthy Environment and Workplace Wellness to Make Employees Feel Safe and Protected!”


As the coronavirus pandemic continues and as part of our mission, Thai-A announced to implement an initial set of measures:


1. Employees and visitors to the workplace, including suppliers and delivery persons will need to undergo temperature screening each day with Medical Non-Contact Forehead Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun before entering the office areas.
temperature screening  temperature screening



2. Wear face mask at all times during work hours for hygiene and safety.
face mask  face mask



3. Do not take an elevator with more than 4 people and must stand on designated areas facing away from each other.
designated areas facing away    designated areas facing away



4. Install adequate alcohol-based handwashing stations and provide hand sanitizers throughout the office, especially in shared areas.
Install adequate alcohol-based  Install adequate alcohol-based



5. Reinforce good hygiene practices. No coughing/no sneezing inside the restricted area.

Reinforce good hygiene practices  Reinforce good hygiene practices 



6. Promote strictest hygiene among food preparation (canteen) staff and their close contacts. Set seating arrangement in canteen. Keep 1.5 metres further away from others.
Set seating arrangement in canteen



7. Clean and disinfect shared high-touch surfaces and objects frequently such as door handles, elevator buttons, time scanner, and countertops.

8. Provide disinfectant spraying daily after work cleaning the shared spaces like hallways, stairways, and elevators in buildings and deep cleaning for all spaces in the workplace frequently.

Provide disinfectant spraying daily after work

Provide disinfectant spraying daily after work    Provide disinfectant spraying daily after work


9. Encourage employees with social distancing in mind, to be at least 1M apart from each other at all times.
social distancing
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10. Hold meetings via video conferencing, ZOOM, LINE or phone call. Defer large face-to-face meetings.

11. Implement “Work from Home Strategy” and prepare for a “Work from Anywhere” culture.

 work from home 

  Hold meetings via video conferencing



The coronavirus pandemic has moved so quickly that years of social change have been compressed into a matter of months. Thai-A leads the Administration’s efforts to monitor and mitigate the spread of the virus in our workplace and to enhance and protect the health and well-being of the entire Thai-A employees, customers, suppliers and all visitors in these toughest of times.


Stay safe!   Stay healthy!   Stay strong!   Things Will Get Better!



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